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    Gippet daily necessities introduce three advantages of manual shaving:

    2022-1-20 21:12:30    from:admin    瀏覽:98
     First of all, there are three advantages of manual shaving with a manual shaver:  

    1. Because of the use of face dressing, shaving is very clean.

     2. All parts can be disassembled and cleaned, which is relatively sanitary.

     3. Manual operation is very interesting. Scrape off your beard bit by bit by yourself, and you will feel a sense of achievement. This is like some people like automatic gear, some people like manual gear, and they like the driving pleasure. 

    The disadvantages of manual shaving are: 

    1. There is a risk of scratching if the operation is not in place (very small).

     2. The operation needs to be coordinated with shaving foam, which requires a certain amount of time and is not suitable for lazy people.
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