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    Name: Zhejiang Jipai Commodity Co., Ltd

    Address: G2-15274, Yiwu International Trade City#

    Post Code: 322000

    Tel: 4008 788 699

    Mobile: 13605828952

    Website: www.goodrazor.com; www.goodshaver.com


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       旗下擁有品牌:ALSHABAB,款式新穎,品質放心,價格實惠,風格獨特。我公司以“團結、拼搏 、求實、創新”為企業目標,在接受市場挑戰中,不斷提高自身的質量、管理和開發新產品意識, 嚴格推行現代企業管理制度,以保持企業的發展活力,與廣大客戶建立了良好的信譽和長久而穩固 的業務關系,在銷售和供應的客戶網絡中享有較高的美譽度。

       我公司產品暢銷全國各地及東南業、非洲和歐洲國家等地方,深受廣大客戶一致好評。熱誠歡迎 海內外客商來電咨詢、洽談業務。讓我們共同分享成功的喜悅!

             Zhejiang Jipai Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. focuses on non-electric shavers, disposable shavers, razors, blades, tool holders, hair removal products and other series, which can be customized according to customer needs.
            Its own brand: ALSHABAB, with novel style, reliable quality, affordable price and unique style. Our company takes "unity, hard work, pragmatism and innovation" as its corporate goal. In accepting market challenges, we constantly improve our quality, management and awareness of developing new products, strictly implement modern enterprise management system to maintain the vitality of the enterprise, establish a good reputation and long-term and stable business relationship with our customers, and enjoy a high reputation in the customer network of sales and supply.
            Our products sell well all over the country, Southeast Asia, Africa and European countries, and are highly praised by our customers. Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to call for consultation and business negotiation. Let's share the joy of success!

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